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Please help improve it or discuss these issues 500 years of resistance comic book pdf the talk page. This article possibly contains original research. This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. Krypton is a fictional planet appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

The planet is the native world of Superman and is named after the element krypton. Krypton is usually portrayed in comics as the home of a fantastically advanced civilization, which tragically is destroyed when the planet explodes. Kryptonian civilization’s reported level of technological advancement has also varied. Some works, such as Kevin J. Anderson’s novel The Last Days of Krypton, describe it as a few centuries ahead of Earth, while others, such as the Superman film series and Man of Steel, describe it as thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years more advanced.

In its first appearance, Krypton was only depicted at the moment of its destruction. The debut of the Superman newspaper comic strip in 1939 delved into further details about Krypton, introducing the idea that all Kryptonians possessed a level of heightened physical abilities, including super-strength and super-speed. 61, Superman discovered the existence of Krypton for the first time and learned of his Kryptonian heritage. He later encountered other survivors prior to Kara’s arrival in the form of three criminals, U-Ban, Kizo, and Mala, who were exiled by Superman’s father before Krypton’s destruction. Over the course of the 1940s and 1950s, various alterations and additions to the makeup of Krypton were made in the comics.

Thus, it was explained by the early 1950s that Kryptonians were powerless on their own planet and would gain superpowers only within a lower gravity environment. By the late 1950s, Krypton played an increasing role in various Superman stories, with greater detail provided about Krypton’s makeup. Kryptonians made use of their advanced science to create a world where scientific inventions and research influenced much of daily life. Robots and computers were used for many tasks on Krypton, even for determining what career paths young Kryptonians would take as they grew up.

1960 story “Superman’s Return to Krypton”, in which Superman is swept back in time to Krypton some years before its destruction. Superman’s Kryptonian heritage was a frequent factor in Silver Age Superman comic storylines, as he was fully aware of his origins from an early age. Superman would use this knowledge for such tasks as constructing advanced Kryptonian technology or observing some of Krypton’s traditions. One of Krypton’s moons, Wegthor, was accidentally destroyed by the Kryptonian scientist Jax-Ur, who was experimenting with a nuclear missile that was diverted from its intended destination. The disaster killed 500 inhabitants of the moon and Jax-Ur became the first and only criminal to be banished eternally to the Phantom Zone.

Argo City drifted through space on an asteroid-sized fragment of Krypton, which had been transformed into kryptonite by the explosion. The sole survivor of Argo City, Kara Zor-El, was sent to Earth by her scientist father to live with her cousin Kal-El, who had become known as Superman. Kara adjusted to her new life on Earth and became known as Supergirl. It was later discovered that Supergirl’s parents had survived in the Survival Zone, a parallel dimension similar to the Phantom Zone, from which she released them. In 1979, a miniseries titled World of Krypton was published, providing a great amount of detail into Krypton’s history just before its destruction, along with the life story of Jor-El himself.

The people now known as Daxamites were originally Kryptonians who left their homeworld in order to explore the universe. After the 1985 mini-series Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Silver Age version of Krypton was replaced by a newer version. John Byrne was given the task of recreating the entire Superman mythos. This miniseries was written by Byrne and illustrated by Mike Mignola, and filled in much of Krypton’s new history.

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