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2010 – Todos los derechos reservados. Advisory materials to be used for including parents of primary school children in the CLIL process. Offered the content teachers a placement test and certification of language level according to CEF. All outcomes are available in English. Manuals, promotional materials, and video subtitles are available in all the partnership languages. Hundreds of teachers, pupils, and students have piloted the developed CLIL resources.

Evaluations and feedback were fed back to the developers and resulted in improved versions of the project outcomes. The partnership teacher training institutions and associated partners continue offering pre-service and in-service courses after the project period. The project needs were based on several reports, e. CLIL through initial and in-service training programs devoted to methods used to teach a subject in other languages. CLIL modules that would also act as a means for developing teacher competence in CLIL. Europe where only six countries appear to be bystanders.

In several countries, such as Malta and in parts of Spain, CLIL has been incorporated into the national curricula from primary schools to universities. The project consortium represents different stages in the application of CLIL. The CY, CH, IT, and DK partners are in the process of implementing CLIL and have found an urgent need for better resources and CLIL teacher training. The ES and MT partners have implemented CLIL in their teaching and also represent teacher training institutions that have offered CLIL in-service courses, but identified a need for freely available resources and for the development of a holistic competence based course on CLIL.

Manuals and guide The CLIL Guidebook describes CLIL practice, advantages and basic theory and has case examples on how to implement CLIL in primary schools and vocational colleges. The book is suitable for accompanying the CLIL teacher courses and to be used after these as inspirational materials and repetition of ideas. The CLIL Guidebook was updated in June 2016 in all the language versions and in both formats. The book is available in . Book in the six project languages. Download the CLIL Guidebook as .

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