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Converter stations needed to connect to AC power grids are very expensive. Converter substations are more complex than HVAC substations, not only in additional converting equipment, but also in more complicated control and regulating systems. Costs of such stations may be offset by lower construction costs of DC transmission lines, but offsets require DC lines of considerable length. In contrast to AC systems, designing and operating multi-terminal Advantages and disadvantages of computer network pdf systems is complex.

Controlling power flow in such systems requires continuous communication between all terminals, as power flow must be actively regulated by the control system instead of by the inherent properties of the transmission line. Converter substations generate current and voltage harmonics, while the conversion process is accompanied by reactive power consumption. As a result, it is necessary to install expensive filter-compensation units and reactive power compensation units. During short-circuits in the AC power systems close to connected HVDC substations, power faults also occur in the HVDC transmission system for the duration of the short-circuit. During short-circuits on the inverter output side, a full HVDC transmission system power fault can be caused.

Power faults due to short-circuits on the rectifier input side are usually proportional to the voltage decrease. The number of substations within a modern multi-terminal HVDC transmission system can be no larger than six to eight, and large differences in their capacities are not allowed. The larger the number of substations, the smaller may be the differences in their capacities. Thus, it is practically impossible to construct an HVDC transmission system with more than five substations. The high-frequency constituents found in direct current transmission systems can cause radio noise in communications lines that are situated near the HVDC transmission line. 8The flow of current through the Earth in monopole systems can cause the electro-corrosion of underground metal installations, mainly pipelines. In particular, disadvantages such as a complete power fault of the HVDC transmission system during short-circuits inthe AC power system and reactive power consumption can be eliminated completely, or mostly, with the use of turn-off thyristors.

Several research centers are working on improving high-capacity turn-off thyristors and also on new types of converter devices for high-capacity HVDC transmission. Get Power Transmission and Distribution Solutions Guide published by Siemens. The losses in long distance electrical power transmission lines come from electricity elost due to resistance of the transimission line. If P is fixed by community demand, then can reduce lost power by increasing the transmission voltage.

As a result, all long-distance power transmission, AC or DC, is done at high voltage. But I want the detail of the converter part if you are willing. 2: It’s a bit too early to talk multi-terminal, since we still don’t have effective DC breakers can deal with high ratings. There is one already built by Siemens in the U. 4: At cases like this, the converter will be blocked. And it is actually reasonbly fast, compared with AC breakers. Although, I do recongize that the link will be discharging which could bring all sorts of problems.

5: This is too early to say. Just back in 2010, who would imagine that VSC-HVDC can now operate at 1 GW? 6: I think a good old fashion Faraday cage shielding structure can reduce a significant amount of it. And if the communication lines are optic based, the influence should be minimal.

Although these schemes do run at ground return mode during mainteance. The concern for ground current is actually more on the neighbouring AC transformers. First of all thank you for the article. Can you elaborate the point no. HVDV grounding is difficult compared to HVAC? If you choose the ACTUAL SIMULATION link, a small batch file will be downloaded. Press on this batch file to start the HVDC example network real time simulation, if you have already have POUYA software installed on your computer.

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