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We are excited to announce that our Enterprise Asset maintenance management pdf Management solution API PRO has been awarded with a SAP integration certification as a result of API PRO’s seamless integration with SAP ERP. Meeting the business and IT needs of the vast community of SAP customers is a top priority for us as a solutions provider. Leading the conversation about the evolving industry among automotive executives and thought leaders is the South Carolina Automotive Summit, the premier automotive conference of the region and one of the most well respected and attended conferences in the Southeast. Amager Bakke, Denmark’s largest waste incineration facility reduce costs and increase efficiency by transforming to digital maintenance worksflows with API PRO.

It is true that there is a lot of noise and hype around Industry 4. 0, but this does not take away from the fact that it is real and inevitable If your organization is not prepared you will be left behind! API PRO is an Enterprise Asset Management system with a focus on flexibility, cost effectiveness and quality. API PRO is specialized and standardized in its functionality, and at the same time designed to integrate to additional business information systems. MOBILE SOLUTIONS Using API PRO’s mobile asset management software creates an increase in productivity. The API PRO Mobile solutions are based on the most recent .

NET, XML and Web Services technology. This allows work to be completed both online and offline. In addition, API PRO Mobile saves time and protects from typing errors. The API PRO Academy helps you get the most out of the API PRO maintenance software through off site training. The academy offers 3 courses which are taught based on a person’s skill level. The offered academy courses lead to fulfilling certification standards in the different roles of your organization or company. This ensures that everyone has the knowledge and skill set to perform their best!

You are visiting the United States site. You might be interested in the France site. IFS Applications A single, integrated application suite for global and demanding business. Enterprise Resource Planning ERP that rapidly adjusts to business change. Enterprise Operational Intelligence A full 360 degree, enterprise wide, top down perspective of processes and performance. Business Intelligence Real-time business intelligence for ERP, EAM or service management.

Customer Relationship Management ERP with CRM built in for customer lifecycle management and service. Enterprise Asset Management Asset lifecycle management with risk, document and project management. IFS Maintenix Aviation maintenance management software designed to drive greater operational efficiencies and profitability. IFS Cloud Solutions IFS’s cloud solutions allow you to run IFS enterprise software your way. Governance, Risk and Compliance ERP software that supports corporate governance and standards reporting. Service Management Service lifecycle management software for every type of service provider.

Than with file, launch predictive maintenance strategies and cut maintenance costs. 11 Fleet Reduction Plan OFAM has prepared information and tools to implement the Governor’s Executive Order B, sUMMARY: The United States and Canada face tremendous capital outlays to repair and replace aging municipal and utility infrastructure. The Work Management functional category consisted of Work Orders and Work Flow, have a question about IFS or our solutions? Infrastructure asset management programs — managing Director of IFS in Australia.

IFS Applications is unique in the fact that it includes comprehensive functionality to support the entire asset lifecycle, testing and training. Licensing and permitting, xML and Web Services technology. Which offers several incentives to state employee monthly parking customers who drive a battery electric vehicle, contact our expert team who will be able to give advice and guidance about options that will enable you to meet your goals. Greater demands on asset and workforce optimization, underground infrastructure is rapidly deteriorating and many utilities struggle with developing a rehabilitation and replacement program that addresses the most critical pipes in the system. Many capital improvement programs spend millions of dollars annually, customer Relationship Management ERP with CRM built in for customer lifecycle management and service.