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As many dietitians know, heart disease is the No. 1 killer of both men and women in c++ primer plus pdf United States, accounting for one in every four deaths.

385,000 Americans each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The good news is that these risk factors can be influenced by dietary intake of foods that contain soluble fiber. Sharon Palmer, RD, author of The Plant-Powered Diet and Plant-Powered for Life. These foods contain soluble fiber, which research links to lowering total and LDL cholesterol levels and to reducing risk of heart disease, among other benefits. 1 The National Cholesterol Education Program Expert Panel recommends consuming 10 to 25 g of soluble fiber per day and following a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol to help lower blood cholesterol.

The IOM categorizes fiber as either dietary fiber or functional fiber. Dietary fiber, which most often is a nondigestible carbohydrate, is the part of a plant not broken down by human digestive enzymes. The term soluble fiber originally was assigned to fibers that disperse in water, but it’s come to mean those fibers that form viscous gels and are fermented by colonic bacteria. Functional fiber is fiber that has been extracted from plant or animal sources, manufactured, or synthesized and then added to processed foods. While there are several accepted ways to classify fibers, the most popular grouping is based on how they react in water. Joan Salge Blake, MS, RD, LDN, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Bile acids are high in cholesterol and are released into your intestine by your gallbladder to help with the digestion of fat.

Soluble fibers are prebiotic, which means they serve as food for the beneficial bacteria in the human gut. While the gases occasionally may cause discomfort or embarrassment, SCFAs have been linked to reduced blood cholesterol levels. Beans: Beans are soluble fiber superstars. One cup of black beans has 4.

8 g of soluble fiber, while Navy beans have 4. 4 g and light-red kidney beans have 4 g. All beans are good choices, though. Oat cereals: Oats are high in soluble fiber, making oat cereals a better choice than bran for this particular dietary component. 4 cup of dry oats contains 3 g of soluble fiber.

2 g, and 1 cup of oat flakes has around 1. The flesh of sweet potatoes is next with 1. 8 g followed by asparagus with 1. Brussels sprouts tossed with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper and roasted for 30 to 45 minutes in a 400-degree oven have a sweet, rich flavor that can win over skeptics. Oranges: Fruits are a tasty way to get soluble fiber, and oranges are the top pick, with 1. 8 g of soluble fiber in one small orange. Eating four apricots with the skin provides 1.

At this time of year, apples and pears are other grab-and-go fiber-rich favorites. Flaxseeds: While 1 T of peanut butter has 0. 3 g of soluble fiber, flaxseeds have an impressive 1. Patients and clients can sprinkle ground flaxseeds on hot or cold cereal, for example. Thalheimer, RD, LDN, is a freelance nutrition writer and community educator living outside Philadelphia.

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