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How to Prepare for the SAT with CD-ROM by: Sharon Weiner Green, Ph. Academic IELTS test is for taking admission  to undergraduate and english result intermediate teacher’s book pdf-graduate courses in university level . General Training IELTS test is for admission to school , college level as well as immigration purposes . IELTS , University of Cambridge books for IELTS and even more IELTS preparation resources .

Please send me some ielts material. Thanks a lot for your great job. I want all the books can u please mail me the downloads its urgent. Thanks for ur support and help. Ey friend kindly post me the following books related to IELTS. Hi, can you send me plz these books? I will be thankful to u if u send me this ebook.

I liked all books existed here. Hi please send me this book on email. I am sending you the list of the ebooks which I need. This comment has been removed by the author. Please send me e-book free to prepare for IELTS exam. I’d like to get some links to this books, if possible: Focusing on IELTS General training practice tests.

Would anyone be so kind to send the IELTS stuffs here on my email address as an attachment? Would be easier for me if its attached on my email. Guys can i get a help I would like to have as many test i can practice. Please fwd me the right and real links for GT practice .

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