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Social Engineering: Perimeter around the individual [ENG]

Marzec 29


About workshop:

Cyber Crime is the biggest threat to global economies and world stability. Over 60 identities are stolen per second in the world and the amount of harmful public data out there is growing at an alarming rate. Considering that reconnaissance takes 90% of the time in each cyber attack, making this step harder for attackers is a serious aspect to consider.

In this social engineering workshop, you as the participant, will be able to practically try out some social engineering attack scenarios using the information you gather by means of reconnaissance. You will see how the modern perimeter is shifting towards individuals and how privacy affects your organization as a whole. As a result you will gain knowledge on how to improve your perimeter in the new cyber world that has grown around us.

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Requirements for participants:
A creative mind in finding information on the web.

Hardware and software requirements:
A laptop and reconnaissance tools of choice

You will learn:
– The concepts of the modern perimeter.
– Effects of digital footprint mitigation.
– How to introduce good Cyber Hygiene into your organization.
– The threats that seemingly innocent public data poses.


  • Briefing
  • Social engineering part 1
  • Moving the perimeter around the individual
  • Social engineering part 2
  • Presenting the results
  • Attacks evaluation
  • Debriefing and Discussion

Aleks Koha

CEO & Founder of TitanGrid, graduating MSc Cyber Security in Tallinn University of Technology. He has been in the startup world for about 5 years now, He has teached Electronics and Robotics for about 4 years now to primary school kids. He has been in the cyber security world for around 3 years and has a good business and technical background.

Leonardo Romanello

CTO of TitanGrid, graduating MSc Cyber Security in Tallinn University of Technology. He has ran is own tech support company for 3 years in Italy before TitanGrid and started breaking computers at the age of 10. He has a very strong tech competence and also an understanding of the business world.


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Marzec 29
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