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Bistro: a novel column-oriented data processing engine Bistro is a light-weight column-oriented data processing engine which changes the way data is being processed. It is based on a new data model and is an alternative to conventional SQL-expert systems principles and programming pdf languages, map-reduce and other set-oriented approaches.

Data Commandr: a self-service tool for data wrangling Data Commandr is a self-service tool created with a single mission: radically simplify and democratize all kinds of operations with data. Its goal is to make complex operations with data tables as easy as working with classical spreadsheets for producing reports, data integration, data migration and other data wrangling tasks. Staerk, Detecting Anomalies in Device Event Data in the IoT. 19-21 March, 2018, Funchal, Madeira – Portugal, 52-62. Savinov, From Group-By to Accumulation: Data Aggregation Revisited. 24-26 April, 2017, Porto, Portugal, 370-379.

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