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Software Carpentry, part of Mozilla’s Science Lab. Please see our readme page for more information. You can download the paper by clicking the button above. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Much urban economic analysis relies on a particular model of urban spatial structure, the monocentric city model pioneered in the 1960s by William Alonso, Richard Muth, and Edwin Mills. Additionally, recent research has sought to explain the polycentricity described in Joel Garreau’s Edge City. Market forces in the development of cities relate to how the location decision of firms and households causes the development of cities.

The nature and behavior of markets depends somewhat on their locations therefore market performance partly depends on geography. If a firm locates in a geographically isolated region, their market performance will be different than a firm located in a concentrated region. Looking at land use within metropolitan areas, the urban economist seeks to analyze the spatial organization of activities within cities. In attempts to explain observed patterns of land use, the urban economist examines the intra-city location choices of firms and households. Urban problems and public policy tie into urban economics as the theme relates urban problems, such as poverty or crime, to economics by seeking to answer questions with economic guidance. For example, does the tendency for the poor to live close to one another make them even poorer?

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Urban transportation is a theme of urban economics because it affects land-use patterns as transportation affects the relative accessibility of different sites. Housing and public policy relate to urban economics as housing is a unique type of commodity. Because housing is immobile, when a household chooses a dwelling, it is also choosing a location. In analyzing housing policies, we make use of market structures e. Bent Flyvbjerg, 2013, “Mega Delusional: The Curse of the Megaproject”, New Scientist, December 2, pp. Urban Dynamics and Growth: Advances in Urban Economics.

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