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A happening is a performance, event, or situation meant to be considered jay conrad levinson marketing de guerrilla pdf, usually as performance art. The term was first used by Allan Kaprow during the 1950s to describe a range of art-related event or multiple events.

This section does not cite any sources. Happenings occur anywhere and are often multi-disciplinary, with a nonlinear narrative and the active participation of the audience. Key elements of happenings are planned but artists sometimes retain room for improvisation. In the late 1960s, perhaps due to the depiction in films of hippie culture, the term was used much less specifically to mean any gathering of interest from a pool hall meetup or a jamming of a few young people to a beer blast or fancy formal party.

Survival Research Laboratories Performance in L. Allan Kaprow first coined the term “happening” in the spring of 1957 at an art picnic at George Segal’s farm to describe the art pieces that were going on. Happenings are difficult to describe, in part because each one is unique and completely different from one another. Kaprow was a student of John Cage, who had experimented with “musical happenings” at Black Mountain College as early as 1952. Kaprow combined the theatrical and visual arts with discordant music.

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Happenings can be a form of participatory new media art, emphasizing an interaction between the performer and the audience. In his Water, Robert Whitman had the performers drench each other with coloured water. One girl squirmed between wet inner tubes, ultimately struggling through a large silver vulva. Later happenings had no set rules, only vague guidelines that the performers follow based on surrounding props.

Unlike other forms of art, Happenings that allow chance to enter are ever-changing. When chance determines the path the performance will follow, there is no room for failure. As Kaprow wrote in his essay, “‘Happenings’ in the New York Scene”, “Visitors to a Happening are now and then not sure what has taken place, when it has ended, even when things have gone ‘wrong’. 1952 performance of Theater Piece No.