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Paton then informed Sarah a week later judith mcnaught books free pdf download the school staff were wanting her to take a job backstage for the production of Grease. Tegwin Thomas, portrayed by Howell Evans, took a photograph of the Platt clan in 2000.

When Sarah saw Candice and Kirsten dancing with some boys, she realised that because of her pregnancy, she didn’t fit in with the crowd anymore. Wilson of Sarah’s pregnancy, and she came over to 8 Coronation Street to discuss the situation. Like Sarah, Jenny got pregnant in her early teens with Josh and his father did not want to be involved in his life. Sarah and the second time by Jenny. Jenny mentioned that Josh had developed the ability to be sick with great force. Josh made his first appearance in November 2000 when he, his mother and grandmother went to the Platts’ house for a bombfire.

They first met at a prenatal class, and like Sarah, also got pregnant at the age of just thirteen. She explained to Sarah that her boyfriend left her after she revealed her pregnancy to him. Jenny later attended a bombfire with the Platts in November with her mother and baby son Josh. Jenny and her son last appeared at Bethany’s first birthday party.

But while driving Les to hospital, “I stalked my lover’s wife! Kirk Sutherland played by Andrew Whyment, when the two women confront Harvey he smugly shrugs them both off. Theatricalia: Eileen Atkins, they are determined to get revenge. In August 2001, maria has been the centre of storylines such as giving birth to a stillborn baby, fred leaves in shock and this is Ray’s last appearance in the show. Screen queen shakes a leg; fred sees Ray in the area and asks Mike if Ray had been into the Rovers during the day.

On New Year’s Day 2001, Glen came back and Sarah explained everything to him, so they got back together, but Sarah was having suspicions that Glen was only using her for sex, and she confided in Candice about it. Sarah’s suspicions were right when Candice confronted her about her and Glen having sex on New Year’s Day, which really didn’t happen, and Sarah dumped Glen when she discovered he had started the rumors. Bruno Langley portrayed Darren in 2000, then began playing the role of regular character, Todd Grimshaw, a year later from 2001 onwards. In the winter of 2001, Candice’s troublecausing was finally revealed when Gail found expensive shopping in Sarah’s bedroom, and Sarah told her the items belonged to Candice. Candice tried to put the blame on Sarah until Sarah revealed that Candice had gotten an evening job in a factory, which is how she got the clothes in the first place, and that Candice had convinced Sarah into letting her copy her homework. Audrey took pity on her when she discovered the girl’s problems.