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Logical Steps, Algorithm to the Fundamental Formula of Gambling “Let no one enter here who is ignorant of mathematics. The most important questions multiple angle formula pdf life are, for the most part, really only problems of probability. N represents the number of consecutive drawings. Thus, the parameter I call the FFG median is between 692 and 693 for the pick-3 lottery.

The Mathematical Solution: Divine Logarithms I concluded I should not make more assumptions. FFG leads to a mathematical absurdity. God is Absolute Certainty, therefore absolute absurdity. I can only imagine de Moivre’s reaction when this thought might have crossed his mind: “Certainty is absurd! It is common sense that if we repeat the event N times we expect one success.

That might be true for an extraordinarily large number of trials. If we repeat the event N times, we are NOT guaranteed to win. Read more on my Web page: Theory of Probability: Introduction, Formulae, Software, Algorithms. Press Release: Mathematical Proof of the Absurdity of the God Concept.

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