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The Worldwide Geometric Signs Chart contains a brief overview of each of the sign types that I identified and worked with throughout my MA objective type questions in research methodology pdf. As I now embark on my PhD, it is important to remember that this typology is far from finished. Other than some difficulties in accumulating sufficient data for each site, probably the most challenging part of this project was creating a typology of the French geometric sign types out of several regional versions. With different researchers working in each of the regions, often at separate times, some of them chose to use alternate category names, or grouped the non-figurative imagery in a different way.

One other important thing to keep in mind when it comes to the distribution of sign types across the time period of the Ice Age is the problem of differential preservation. The further back we go, the less likely we are to find sites intact. Aurignacian period have had their walls and ceilings collapse, and all we have left are the markings found on broken blocks and fragments of rock at these sites. What this means for us as archaeologists studying these sites, is that while we can tell that these sites used to be decorated with both paintings and engravings, we are no longer able to tell what the majority of the paintings were.

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And when it comes to identifying specific images, both for figurative and non-figurative representations, we know that we are at a real disadvantage with the old sites since so much has been lost. Archive Index Introduction America’s Oldest Art? Analysis is more than coding Although one important feature in ATLAS. About method and methodology According to the academic literature, it should be your research question that is guiding this decision.

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