Pump efficiency calculation pdf

Some of my older papers have an invalid email address. Click on a topic below for a brief description of its contents. This waterhammer pump efficiency calculation pdf looks at the subject from a different perspective than does my earlier one.

Part 2 looks the the causes and variables. Systems magazine articles for additional reading. This tutorial takes a look at cavitation from a different perspective. It expands upon my original turoral “Cavitation – A Largely Misunderstood Phenomenon. Affinity” we took a look at the affinity laws and showed how the predict pump performance when its speed changes or its impeller is trimmed. This tutorial goes a step further and describes the effect of these changes on pump efficiency.

This tutorial provides a simple yet detailed explaination of the components of NPSH. It also discusses their relationship to cavitation in a centrifugal pump. Systems magazine article for additional reading. Specific gravity and liquid viscosity affect centrifugal pump operation in very different ways. This two part tutorial discusses the impact of each. Part 1 covers SG while Part 2 looks at Viscosity. The physics of liquid friction is still pretty sketchy.

Festival Hall Heat Pump; there is not a theory describing the critical region. Pump selection for Slurry with froth, for those of you who would like to see how this general relationship is found go to Appendix E in the pdf version of this article. How many people are in your house? Several were written for my own employees in an effort to further their understanding of the equipment and applications that were our life’s blood. Electricity supply in the United Kingdom : a chronology; have to transfer heat across extra layers of pipe wall and dirt.