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Follow the latest investigations on corruption in South Africa. Don’t worry – we take privacy school governing body manual pdf and will never share your details. Section 21 schools manage their own finances.

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The Education Department deposits the school allocation into the schools’ accounts at the beginning of every financial year, after the schools have submitted audited annual financial statement reports. By comparison, the department manages the finances of non-section 21 schools. They order what the schools require to function properly, and the department pays the suppliers. All schools are informed of their allocations six months before the beginning of the financial year so that they can budget properly for the next financial year. As section 21 schools are responsible for managing their own finances, governance needs to be scrupulous to avoid any untoward behaviour, fraud or corruption. Governing bodies are established for this reason. This is where WCED’s Basic Financial System for Schools steps in.

It also gives an exhaustive list of the laws and policies governing SGBs, from provincial government requirements and circulars, to the Constitution. The overall responsibility for controlling school money and property, in terms of the South African Schools Act, lies with the governing body. Role of SGBs The document gives pointers to SGBs on electing office bearers from its member body, among which must be a treasurer, and the legal requirements of this position, as well as a chairperson and a secretary. It also looks at the importance of setting up a finance committee.