Slim down meal plan pdf

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Kellyann’s 10-DAY BELLY SLIMDOWN is perfect for those who want to shed stubborn belly fat! What I love is that she helps you do it without sacrificing flavor! This is the perfect plan for busy women on the go. I was less hungry than I thought I would be. This is a good start to where I would like to get. Are you ready to lose up to 10lbs and 4 inches off your belly?

You’re going to look younger and SEXIER in no time! And, you’re going to make your HAIR and NAILS, thick, healthy, and STRONG! Even better, you’ll get rid of the evil belly fat that puts you at risk for obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. So, you’re healing your body inside AND out! It renews your motivation and your commitment. This isn’t another gimmicky diet—it’s a powerful eating strategy that will take your extra pounds off quickly, safely, and permanently. 1 New York Times bestselling author of Eat Fat Get Thin.

Fat loss depends on your current weight and body fat percentage. We will send you EVERYTHING you need to get started today and more! You’ll eat a larger variety of foods more often, this is the perfect plan for busy women on the go. You ate off, fat Fasting The Almost Zero Carb Meal Plan recipes use high fat foods with almost no carbs.

Are you ready to feel slimmer, younger—faster? The 10-Day Belly Slimdown is the latest book from New York Times bestselling author Dr. Kellyann and she’s offering bonuses that can help you get your copy practically for FREE. Read on to find out how! The results people experience during this 10 day plan are nothing short of AMAZING! You can lose up to 5 inches on your belly, and up to 13 pounds on this plan—and Dr.