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This edition is verbatim with the book of the golden precepts pdf original 1889 edition. Spelling and typographical errors have been corrected, and transliterations of foreign terms standardized. Click on numbers in parentheses to hyperlink to appropriate Glossary entry — click on Glossary entry number to return to previous text location.

Free printed catalog available on request. The Book of the Golden Precepts,” one of the works put into the hands of mystic students in the East. The knowledge of them is obligatory in that school, the teachings of which are accepted by many Theosophists. Therefore, as I know many of these Precepts by heart, the work of translating has been relatively an easy task for me. Guru has his own system, which he generally keeps very secret. But beyond the Himalayas the method in the Esoteric Schools does not differ, unless the Guru is simply a Lama, but little more learned than those he teaches. The work from which I here translate forms part of the same series as that from which the “Stanzas” of the Book of Dzyan were taken, on which the Secret Doctrine is based.

Book of the Golden Precepts” claims the same origin. They are written variously, sometimes in Tibetan but mostly in ideographs. The Book of the Golden Precepts — some of which are pre-Buddhistic while others belong to a later date — contains about ninety distinct little treatises. Of these I learnt thirty-nine by heart, years ago. To translate the rest, I should have to resort to notes scattered among a too large number of papers and memoranda collected for the last twenty years and never put in order, to make of it by any means an easy task.

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