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The full text of Father Figure is now available in new trade paperback and Kindle editions, with a 2015 Author’s Preface, and an appendix which includes 6,000 words in deleted scenes. Father Figure is also available at all other Amazon sites worldwide, and additional online venues. 175,000 words, plus 6,000 words of deleted scenes. The free PDF of the novel, which has the girl on the train pdf book downloaded over 100,000 times since it was first posted, will remain available on this site.

The free PDF is based on the 2003 print edition of the novel by Bookbooters, and does not include the deleted scenes. South of Anchorage, accessible only from a mud-rutted road off Seward Highway, lies the town of Lodgepole. After midnight, among the blueberry bushes of White Birch Park, a man climbs on top of a woman and begins making love to her. As her orgasm rises he puts his hands around her throat, shutting off her air. She struggles, not to stop him, but to stop herself from trying instinctively to pull his hands off her throat.

Daryl Putnam, handsome, bookish, wakes up from a nightmare and decides to do something he hasn’t done in years. Take a walk outside at night. Down in the park, at the lime green shores of Little Muncho Lake, he comes across the body of the strangled woman. The next morning, at the coffee shop of the hospital where he works, Daryl meets Sally, a pretty, dark-haired girl.

What they have in common is both are living lonely lives. Also in the hospital coffee shop, shaking half a can of black pepper onto his tomato soup, is Sam Rudolph, a fiftyish man with eyes like an angry dog’s, who has spent over twenty years quietly manipulating events in Daryl and Sally’s lives to have this seemingly chance encounter among the three of them occur. And who is actually a lot older than fifty. It is easy to see why Father Figure has become an underground classic over the years. 18 stories and novelettes from Ralph Robert Moore. Includes “Our Island”, nominated in 2016 for Best Story of the year by the British Fantasy Society.

What crawls after midnight on elbows and knees into hospital emergency rooms? Who hides in the woods waiting for hikers who get lost? How could a 90-year old woman get pregnant? What do you do when your girlfriend grows multiple noses and ears? Along with Stephen Volk’s The Parts We Play it was my favourite short story collection of 2016, and a book that I would definitely consider required reading if you are at all interested in what horror can accomplish when it doesn’t accept the expectations foisted upon it by those who are only aware of the genre’s limitations and not its potential. 10 horror novelettes by Ralph Robert Moore. Includes “Dirt Land”, nominated in 2016 for Best Story of the Year by the British Fantasy Society.

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A man physically attached to three other men. A woman who dresses up as Santa Claus on Halloween. An off-campus NYC apartment overrun with tiny, crawling faces. A tomato with spikes sticking out of its red skin. A third rate stand-up comic who insists he isn’t gay.

A lonely woman who constructs a tabletop village of miniature buildings wherever she moves. 1 novelette from Hellfire Crossroads, “She Has Maids”, and 3 novelettes never before published, “During the Time I Was Out”, “Imperfect Boy”, and “Boyfriend”. Up on the mountain, not everything that gets born is human. That’s just the way it is. Some of them are kept, if they look close enough, but a lot are taken down to the river before they get big, and drowned. If you go downstream, you’ll find all kinds of dead babies bumping against the gray river rocks. Moore has written a book that contains a thoroughly original and totally convincing portrayal of the supernatural world, one in which cosmic vision and human feeling collide.

I loved every single page of it, not least for the wealth of incidental detail and the assured way in which Moore so often circles around the crux of each story, slowly dragging it out into the light of day, letting us see and experience what is really at stake. These are not ordinary ghosts and the Ghosters are far from being normal individuals. The solutions to the hauntings are spectacularly horrifying. Once again, Ralph Robert Moore has produced a startlingly original book that surprises and unsettles with every page turn. He has seamlessly fused these elements with a genuinely sympathetic understanding of character and personal tragedy that propels this collection into the literary stratosphere.

His work inspires as it reinvents familiar themes, infusing them with something that only the most talented writers can achieve: a sense of wonder that takes your breath away. There’s a lot of humour in this book then but there’s also real horror– the opening and closing stories in particular, set in the upper floors of a haunted mall, contain some truly disturbing imagery–and there’s also poignancy, often when you least expect it. That skill is demonstrated emphatically in Ghosters and I sincerely hope the world he’s created here is one the author will return to in future publications. It’s a book I urge you to buy. When someone you love dies, are they gone forever?