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Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. The real story of stone soup pdf download and save what you find. As today, we have 79 classic fairy tales. Once upon a time a king and a queen gave a magnificent party in honor of the christening of their new-born son, Prince Rolandor.

To this party the royal parents took good care to invite every single fairy in Fairyland, for they knew very well the unhappy consequences of forgetting to invite fairies to christenings. When all the invitations had been sent out, the Queen went down to the kitchen to superintend the cooking of the master-dainty of the feast, a huge strawberry-tart. The morning on which the grand ceremony was to take place arrived. Just behind the royal body-guard came the King’s gold-and-diamond coach shining in the sunlight of June, with the King and the Queen in it on one side and the Court Astrologer and the fairy Titania, prospective godparents of the little Prince, on the other. The Prince himself, swathed in a wonderful silk mantle edged with pearls and turquoises, slept in the Astrologer’s arms. The procession entered the church, where the venerable Lord Archbishop, surrounded by a magnificent choir, was awaiting its coming.

A hush went over the great assembly as the parents and the godparents advanced to the flower-decked font, and the silence lasted until His Eminence had sprinkled the Prince and given him the name of Rolandor. The christening over, the procession went back to the castle, past the waiting rows of bystanders, not one of whom had changed his place or gone away, so superb had been the spectacle. The christening banquet was laid in the great hall of the castle, and, thanks to the Court Astrologer, things went off beautifully. It was the only large banquet ever known in the history of the world where courses were served all at one time, and while one person was finishing an ice, another was not beginning with the soup.

Nor was the menu mixed, which happens so frequently to-day that you are apt to have soup, ice, cake, roast, soup, and a roast again. Your Majesty, the strawberry-tart has given out! Have you plenty of other pastries? Then let them be served at once. The cook withdrew, and the Queen, though somewhat shaken, took up the conversation again.

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