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VNA installations can cope with both full pallet handling and order picking. Efficiency at its best view:Linde unterschied pdf x3 x4 trucksfrom 1. Only a truck that meets yourexact requirements can offer true value for money.

When space is at a premium. Even oursmallest truck is unmistakably Linde. H25brings performance and cost effectiveness together, bothon the loading ramp and in the aisle. Wer sich mit einer guten Lösung zufrieden gibt,wird schnell von einer besseren überholt. Ein Cockpit mit reichlich Kopf- und Beinfreiheit.

Spontan und mit meisterhafter Präzision reagiert der Stapler auf jeden Fahrbefehl. Technical Data according to VDI 2198Load Capacity DiagramsH141. Technical Data according to VDI 21981. Technical Data according to VDI 2198Characteristics1. Technical Data according to VDI 2198Load Capacity Diagrams1.

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Technical Data according to VDI 2198Lifting capacity diagrams1. Technical Data according to VDI 2198Lifting capacity diagramsE16P1. These attributes are a direct result of the Linde continuous research and development programme, combined with thelatest production processes, which set the industry standard and underpins our long-term commitment to our customers. Linde P20 tow tractor hasa nominal 2 t towing capacity.

The versatile P20 and W04 provide highly efficient and ergonomic stand-on and sit-on operating modes as standard. While logistics tasks will always be directed by people, this newgeneration of robotic trucks can perform repetitive, low added valuematerial handling tasks reliably and independently. 3Power unit: Battery, diesel, gasoline, LP gas, ACDieselLPG1. The environment is a complex system. Each and every action has a consequence.

No sphere is separate from any other. The power of a good idea:50 years of hydrostatic drive. Furthermore, costs thereby incurredshall be reduced respectively made calculable. Technical Data according to VDI 21984. 4Operator type: hand, pedestrian, stand-on, seat-on, order-picker1.

Technical Data according to VDI 2198Load Capacity Diagrams2a3. 4Operator type: hand, pedestrian, standing, seated, order-picker1. LINDEJuly 2001Forklift Truck Data sheet for ESDesignationVDI ssse materials handling equipment ac vDCharacteristics1. 2Model designation E 10 SimplexE 10 Duplex 1.