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RAMOS: How are unwritten laws of engineering pdf going to build a 1,900-mile wall? I build buildings that are — can I tell you what’s more complicated? What’s more complicated is building a building that’s 95 stories tall.

Donald Trump is not a builder. Donald Trump could not build a doghouse. His response to Ramos’ question was meant both to exaggerate his understanding of construction and to downplay the challenges posed by his border wall project. Though I would never classify the construction of a 95-story building as simple, it is a feat that has been achieved many times before.

On the other hand, human beings have built a 2,000-mile-long frontier wall exactly one time. And it was accomplished only through a centuries-long building campaign that necessitated the forced labor of millions of Chinese peasants. The challenge of Trump’s border wall is not technical, but logistical. Trump’s border wall, if built as he has described it, would be one of the largest civil works projects in the history of the country and would face an array of challenges not found when constructing 95-story skyscrapers. In order to adequately answer Mr. Ramos’ question, let’s first make some assumptions on the project’s scope: A successful border wall must be effective, cheap, and easily maintained.

It should be built from readily available materials and should take advantage of the capabilities of the existing labor force. The wall should reach about five feet underground to deter tunneling, and should terminate about 20 feet above grade to deter climbing. One of the biggest choices that a builder has to make is what material to use for his or her project. The finished product would probably be acceptable, but construction would be outrageously labor intensive and therefore costly. Next, I would dismiss steel wire mesh. While it is cheap and readily available, it can be easily penetrated by a pair of wire cutters, an angle grinder, an oxy-acetylene torch, or just a Chevy going really fast.

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A concrete wall would meet all of the basic project requirements, and as a bonus would also embody the gray-faced antipathy of America’s immigration policy. The hot, dry climate in the border regions would complicate cast-in-place construction because high heat tends to screw up the chemical reactions that cause concrete to harden. I drew up a quick design option for a pre-cast concrete wall, not dissimilar to many proprietary systems currently on the market. This design consists of I-shaped concrete columns spaced at 10 feet on center, with eight-inch-thick wall panels spanning in between them.